How do I get tattooed by you?
To start the process you must first go to this website, Earthgrasper.com, and submit your idea via the “Contact” link on my page. Please be very thorough when describing your ideas, body placement, and size.

What happens next?
I will then review the requests and determine which projects I am interested in taking on. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests that I receive, there is no way for me to be able to take on every project. In order to continue the growth of my art, I am looking for projects that spark immediate interest and inspiration.

Is there a way to increase my chances of being tattooed by you?
Yes. I normally take on a project with fewer restrictions on design and body placement before I choose something that has very set-in-stone parameters. Submitting a great idea will get you noticed quicker than having a lot of specifics in the tattoo idea. Larger themed projects and tattoos on clean skin normally receive scheduling priority. Lastly, I am looking for clients that are dedicated enough to put forth the time and financial investment that is necessary for them to receive the best possible tattoo.

Are there any styles of tattoo that you won’t do?
Please review my portfolio before sending a request for a tattoo. I prefer to tattoo your ideas in my style.

Where are you located?
I tattoo in Denver, Colorado. I also travel a lot. You can find my travel schedule at the top of the page.

When can I see my drawing?
All drawings will be done for the day of appointment or drawn directly on the skin and will not be available for viewing before your scheduled appointment date.